From where it started…


View from the Tower bridge ( London, United Kingdom)

I distinctly remember the days I used to sit gazing from my classroom window wondering how the leaning tower of pisa actually looked like or if I could ever be a part of an archaeology team just to explore the hidden treasures of egypt. I had decided that very day, all at the mighty age of 11 that I will go to Eygpt one day and I will go there alone!
As a kid I have been used to going on long vacations with my family during summer just as we all do. I guess I imbibed the fascination for travel, the hunger to explore and the undying zest for constant realization and celebration from my grandfather and my father, both of whom were keen travellers. I did visit and holiday in quite a few places. From the Genting Highlands in Malaysia to the Mauritian beaches, it has been a royal journey each summer. That particular vagabond in me was dormant until the day I left for London to pursue further education in the career of my choice- only to realize that this trip would take me on to a different level of dreams.
With this blog I aim to share my travel experiences, places I would like to recommend and destinations that are on the to-do list. Hope you guys enjoy travelling with me and my backpack just as I do. As it is mentioned in the Chicken Soup for the Traveller”s Soul, ‘ The two best gifts you can give your child are roots and wings.’


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